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Microscopic endodontology

Microscopic endodontology. What is it?

Actually you don’t have to worry about that because we take over all the complicated dentistry work, which simply means for you:

Our microscope lets us get in close contact with the essence of your tooth root and puts foreign bodies such as inflammations out of action. While we are quietly chatting with you, we extend the root canal in order to subsequently seal it with warmed root filling material. This type of treatment is more reminiscent of an embrace than a painful conventional root canal treatment.

Let your thoughts drift away for a while until we say to you:

“You may close your mouth now, it’s already over !”

You will find our microscopic endodontic treatment so relaxing that you will come back to us voluntarily just to sit on our soft chairs and to enjoy the atmosphere.

If you don’t believe us, then simply come and see us. Microscopic endodontia will soon become a wellness day for your teeth and soul.

Let’s be honest, which dentist can offer you that?


Microscopic endodontology


We’re sure you also find a smile with a gap just as unattractive as we do.

That’s why we offer you a special kind of tooth replacement. In conventional dentistry, tooth replacement means that artificial dental crowns and teeth prostheses are fixed to the existing tooth.

This method has several disadvantages and if you have bad luck it will be exactly this replacement that falls out again on your next date.

But don’t worry, we have the solution: implantology.

Implants make it possible to replace a tooth by introducing artificial tooth roots into the jaw bones, tooth substance and bone structure.

To keep it short and sweet, that means the aesthetics and your facial expressions are always at their best – in every situation.




Ultra-thin, transparent, ceramic veneers for your loveliest smile!


Veneers / Lumineers


The thinnest of ultra-thin ceramic veneers without any damage to your valuable teeth.


Veneers / Lumineers

Laser treatment

Benefit from the concentrated light energy of our KAVO KEY laser for the gentle treatment of gum tissue and teeth. Discover the advantages, for example the lack of scarring or the absence of germs in the tissues and teeth.

Laser treatment can be successfully used in almost every area of dental medicine.


Laser treatment

Digital X-ray

Experience the significant reduction in radiation exposure thanks to the digital x-ray system and enjoy the screen-sized display of your results.


Digital X-ray

Treatment of the jaw joint / holistic dentistry

Experience the beneficial relief of your jaw joint with the help of whole body diagnostics and the readjustment of your lower jaw position as a cofactor for your head, neck and back problems.

Put your trust in a manual functional diagnostic of your masticatory organ in conjunction with an electronic measurement of the movement of your lower jaw.


Treatment of the jaw joint / holistic dentistry

Bleaching with ZOOM

Put your trust in the professional whitening of your teeth by our prophylaxis specialists and enjoy a radiant white smile when you leave our practice.


Bleaching with ZOOM

Regenerative periodontitis / Emdogain

Be amazed at the re-growth of bone at your tooth


Regenerative periodontitis / Emdogain

Reparative periodontoligy / Vector

Be delighted by the magic of clean root canals or new bone substance.


Reparative periodontoligy / Vector®


Experience dental wellness in its most advanced and best developed form with the best prophylaxis specialist in the Rhineland.



Treatment under full anaesthetic

Put your trust in Dr. Keppler’s professional anaesthesiology team.

Gently fall asleep and experience a completely new teeth feeling when you wake up.

Bone augmentation

New bone substance immediately!


Bone augmentation

High-quality prosthetics in German specialist laboratories

Put your trust in the high quality of the selected laboratories located in the vicinity of dental surgeries that will be treating you individually.

Replacement of amalgam fillings

When removing heavy metal filling materials, special care is taken to shield the mouth area from the teeth (rubber dam).


Replacement of amalgam fillings

What you should know about us

We do not cling to the old traditional methods but rather break every new code of knowledge in dental medicine.

Our farsightedness in technical dentistry gives us a better overview. What this means for you is that you no longer have to decorate your décolleté with expensive necklaces but instead can proudly show off the valuable pearly teeth we create for you.

We offer all our patients top-class quality, service and human warmth.

You will be looked after by five specialists and two young  new staff members who are very keen to learn.

The Team!

Olivera Aksic

Qualified dental hygienist (German qualification: ZMF)

Independent prophylaxes staff member

1994 – 1997 training

1997 – 1998 qualified dental assistant (German qualification: ZFA) in Cologne

1999 – 2001 Further training as qualified dental hygienist (German qualification: ZMF)

2001 to date various further training in the areas of prophylaxis and periodontology

hygiene assistant according to the MPG (German Medical Products Act)

Since 1998 employee of the Dr. Bialluch Practice

Ursula Finette

Qualified dental administrative assistant (German qualification: ZMV)

Specialist for administration and organisation.

Practice manager

Training 1996 - 1999

2002 further training as a qualified dental administrative assistant (German qualification: ZMV)

2010 Further training as an assistant for dental practices management (German qualification: AZP)

Various further training in the area of administration, invoicing and management

Since 1999 employee of the Dr. Bialluch Practice

Anette Huber

Trained in administration

Your contact for questions regarding health insurance

Since 1999 employee of the Dr. Bialluch Practice

Larissa Schartner

Qualified dental prophylaxes assistant

Employee specialised in

root canal treatments, dental surgery and implantology

Training 2003 to 2006

Since 2003 employee of the Dr. Bialluch Practice

Dr. med. dent Andreas Bialluch

Studied dentistry in Bonn

Received licence to practice medicine in 1989

Doctorate in 1990

Further training at home and abroad

Speciality areas:

Implantology (DGI – German Association of Oral Implantology e.V.)

Endodontology (DGEndo – German Association for Endodontology)

Aesthetics – Periodontology

Member of the DGZMK (German Association for Dental, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery)

Member of the DGI (DGI – German Association of Oral Implantology e.V.)

Member of the DGEndo (DGEndo – German Association for Endodontology)